Here's a selection of the more commonly asked question's we get through to us. If you have a question that is not answered on the site then please drop an e-mail to us here.

Who writes the programming?

We currently have a team of 5 Programmers who write the programming for various blogs and also the GoatKiller and Remote Plans. When applying and if you are successful you can receive any of these 5 Programmers depending on their current capacity. You will be put in touch when you are successful and will continue through with them during your time with us at Warrior Programming. We have handpicked the Programmers from around Scotland and the UK and we constantly review how we work as a team to make sure we are providing the best quality programming we can to our athletes.

Can I cancel my subscription and how do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime you wish. It is a monthly re-occurring subscription performed through Stripe. To make sure you don’t hit any issues you should ideally have your Stripe linked to your bank account so it can successfully take the funds. We charge the bank account on the 1st of every month and it should be automatic. The cancellation process can be done online by logging into your account and the My Account page and either suspending or cancelling the subscription. If you cancel within 3 days of renewal there may be times the payment is taken and this is due to Stripe requesting the funds to be taken on the 1st before you placed your cancellation order. If this happens please e-mail us and we can refund the amount.

What is the difference between Goatkiller and remote programming?

Our GoatKiller program is a supplemented personalised program we give to our athletes to perform on top of the Base program. The expectation is you complete the Base Program first/on-priority and then perform your additional pieces throughout the week. You should not skip the Base to perform the additional pieces. If time is limited complete the Base and leave the additional for another day.

Our Remote Programming is a fully personalised 7-day program we provide you with inbuilt rest days and de-loading phases throughout the program accordingly which will be received from one of our programmers. The Remote Programming is a preferred choice for Military, Offshore Workers or someone with irregular working patterns due to the nature of being able to swap and change things to suit the requirements of that week.

I'm injured. Should I wait until i'm rehabilitated?

No. Training is training regardless of what movements you perform. When you are at the gym you are getting better and your body is adapting. We have close relationships with Physiotherapists and Movement Specialists who we have consulted in the past and gotten athletes past major injuries both pre and post surgery. Just because you can’t Squat due to a knee injury doesn’t mean you can’t train your Upper Body.

Do I have to be a high-level athlete?

You do not need to be a high level athlete to receive our programming, no. We program for all and can adapt and program to suit different peoples capabilities, work commitments and lifestyles. We do ask that you show commitment to the program to ensure you get the end results, otherwise it is a waste of both your own and the programmers time.

Will I have access to a coach?

This depends on which program you signup for. Our online based programs (Competitor, WP, Undefeated) do not have access to coaches readily. If you wish to get a coach assigned to you, you will need to signup for the GoatKiller or Remote Programming. To do this you will need to send an e-mail via the contact form specifying why you wish to receive personalised programming and we will assign you to a coach who has capacity. If there is no capacity for any of our coaches we will add you to our waiting list and will e-mail when a space becomes available. We will always make you aware of this.