About Us



We believe that everyone’s potential can be unlocked and made available to them by providing the right stimulus through the differentiating programming styles we have created and used over the years. Our ethos behind this is simple, unwavering dedication from both athlete and coach with hard work and development in order to achieve the goal.

There is no substitute for hard work. Success and achievement comes to you when you step outside of your current comfort zone. We understand the need some people have for betterment and look to fulfil those needs through our programming in all aspects of your life, not just the gym, but through diet and lifestyle coaching too.

Our programs are offered to you in a way that allows steady and continual progress for whichever stage of your fitness journey you are in. The people behind those programs are the ones who will help carve your path and write your story through your time with us. Our team has been handpicked and selected for qualities we all strive for; commitment, dedication, virtuosity and open-mindedness. All of our team play a part in the bigger picture, so take a look at who you will be working with below.


Paul Warrior / Head Programmer

Paul began Warrior Programming to assist and develop athletes within Reebok CrossFit Tyneside to 'kill their goats', later which became 'Goatkillers'. Paul works as a Head Coach and has been involved in CrossFit since 2009, delivering classes on a daily basis with the focus on optimal health. Following 10 years working within Architectural Practices, Paul using the theories and principals of construction within programming- laying foundations for many CrossFit athletes around the world. Paul offers individual program design for anyone who has passion and drive for the sport of fitness, rehabbing and killing goats along the way.

Jordan Wallace / Head Programmer

Jordan has been competing in the sport since 2010 and has achieved regionals level 5 times (once as part of team Tyneside) he understands what it takes to be a competitive athlete. The importance of developing a strength foundation but also the advantages of building a huge aerobic base to back this up.. he co-authors the blogs and works with individual clients at all levels.


Head of Nutrition and programming at Warrior Programming. He works full time as a CrossFit Coach and is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. He co- authors the blog programming, offers individual design for the sport of fitness, catering to injury rehab and weaknesses. He has helped through his nutrition and programming for athletes to achieve goals, from being ready for their wedding day to be being ready for ‘the Games’.

James Scott / Programmer

James is one of the latest members of the team with a keen eye for movement and technique and is currently employed as a coach at Reebok CrossFit Tyneside alongside Coaching the University Weightlifting Team. James provides input into the weighting programs and individual support for those who need it.

Ross McNie / Individual Programmer

Ross is our programmer north of the wall... with a background in Strength work whilst also developing the kids and teens program at CrossFit Glasgow.. Ross has helped develop the strength foundations of the blog programs whist working with an array of clients with unique needs through weakness work, comeback from injury & athletes.

Emma Hackett / Performance Coach

‘The mind is a muscle and it must be trained’ We know that for some athlete it’s performance anxiety or self limiting beliefs that can get in their way.. Emma has been our go to performance coach for working with athletes who need that support or want a mental edge to their game. Email if you’d like a seminar or consultation

Jen Wood house / Active Mind Consultancy

Jen is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in understanding our relationship with food and how to develop a positive relationship for our health and wellbeing. This can be a sensitive but profound issue and must be treated with the care it needs and not a bullish ‘stop eating shit’ approach you so often see.. Jen runs small group sessions to support people to understand and address their emotional relationship with food. Email if you’d like to find out more