Our programs offer all levels of athlete, at every stage of their journey, a chance to become part of the club. We have broken down our regular programs and remote programs below for you to understand what is offered from each.

Please take a moment to reflect on your own training before choosing which path to follow, there are no shortcuts, no handouts and we won’t be lifting the weight for you. Each program is fully detailed on its own page with a breakdown of what is offered.

Regular Programs are accessed online via this website and a link that can be accessed via the main menu navigation will appear following purchase and login. You will have instant access and full control of your subscription. The page is updated daily with your programming for you to follow.

Remote Programs are handled individually and by application only. You will gain access to our programming app which will deliver your programming daily. You will be assigned one of our team and will be fully briefed on expectations of both yourself and the programmer.


Been with warrior programming for 1.5 years now, and couldn’t be happier. In that time I dislocated my shoulder during a freak accident and paul has managed to work his magic by building it back up strength to strength as I still continue to hit PBs overhead! There’s no nonsense with warrior, it’s either be willing to learn and end your world or fuck off.

- Chris Kidd, CrossFit Conroe, Texas

Warrior Programming laid the foundations to allow me to excel when undertaking military training. I was both more mentally & physically robust, which made the transition from civilian to soldier much less arduous. Paul went above and beyond to ensure the programmed training was specific to my needs and supported me throughout my journey. I could not recommend him more. “Those beastings you programmed made Sandhurst seem a lot easier haha”.

- Jack W, British Military

I have been working with Paul for over a year now. He's been the major player in helping me become a better athlete with a better attitude. It's been a year full of great advice, coaching and a few tears. Warrior has given me a no bull shit approach to my training which I needed so much. Stopped feeling sorry for myself about my circumstances and just pull my finger out and made the best out of my situation. I learn something every day. Always looking at tasks thinking they are impossible and either weirdly being able to do it or learning HOW to get it done!

- Laura F, Regionals Athlete 2017 CrossFit Bath

Jumped on board with Warrior Programming early 2016 and never looked back, took me through The Open and onto Regionals 2016 (team) and master 2017. An ethos engrained in hard work it’s some of the toughest & most productive training I’ve ever done, highly recommend. PAY THE FERRYMAN

- Craig Punton, Regionals Team 2016, Masters Regionals 2017