Wednesday 8th May, 2019

Warm Up:

3 rounds:
250m row
15 hollow rocks.
15 arch rocks.
Strict Hollow Body Lat Pull Ups:

5 x 6 reps, start with a scap pull, pause, pull chin over the bar, pause, and then lower with a 3 count eccentric. 1.5 min rest. This is about expressing maximum control and midline tension.

Too easy? Add weight.
Accessory Pull:

5 x 4 Pendlay Row. 3 count eccentric.
Ring  Ribcage Hold

With the ring set at about hip height, grab on, stand with feet below and then lean back, row yourself until the handles are in contact with your rib cage (think transition position).
Hold here as long as you can.

90 seconds rest before back into rows.

4 rounds for quality:
60 second deadbug/hollow hold.
Choose the hardest variation you can hold with good quality for a full minute. This means lower back flushed to the floor, shoulder blades off the ground. (Easiest: Deadbug - Deadbug with one arm overhead - Deadbug with two arms over head - deadbug with opposite arm and leg extended - hollow : hardest). Put a band attached to the rig under your lumbar to maintain integrity.
60 second arch hold.
60 second side plank each side.

Master the basics.

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