Wednesday 24th April, 2019

Strength Pull:

Warm Up:

3 rounds:
250m row
15 hollow rocks.
15 arch rocks.
Strict Hollow Body Pull Ups:

5 x 5 reps, start with a scap pull, pause, pull chin over the bar, pause, and then lower with a 3 count eccentric. 1 - 1.5 min rest. This is about expressing maximum control and midline tension.

Too easy? Add weight.
Accessory Pull:

4 x 6 Pendlay Row. 3 count eccentric.

90 seconds rest before back into the hold.
ME Supinated Chest to Bar Hold

3 rounds for quality:
60 second deadbug/hollow hold.
Choose the hardest variation you can hold with good quality for a full minute. This means lower back flushed to the floor, shoulder blades off the ground. (Easiest: Deadbug - Deadbug with one arm overhead - Deadbug with two arms over head - deadbug with opposite arm and leg extended - hollow : hardest). Put a band attached to the rig under your lumbar to maintain integrity.
60 second arch hold.
60 second side plank each side.

Master the basics.

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