Wednesday 15th May, 2019

Warm Up:

3 rounds:
250m row
15 deadbug rocks.
15 second arch hold.
10 ring rows.
5 straight arm pull-ups with a 3 count pause at the top of the squeeze.
Strict Mixed Grip Hollow Body Pull Up:

7.5 mins:
Ascending ladder. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... etc. Reps.

Alternate which hands are over/under each set.

How this works:
Perform one supinated pull up, rest 1 breath. Perform 2 pull-ups, rest for 2 breaths. Perform 3 pull ups, rest for 3 breaths. Continue in this manner adding one rep until you feel like you will hit failure on your next set. DONT hit failure. Instead, work back down the ladder.
If you complete the ladder in 7.5 minutes, rest 10 seconds and start again. This is volume accumulation.

Scaling options:
Banded, maintaining hollow body. Alternatively, perform jumping pull-ups but have a minimum of 3 count on the eccentric.

Try scaling such that you hit at least 5 reps on your first ladder. Points for being humble.
Max Effort Scap Pull Hold:

In a hollow body hanging from the bar, perform a straight arm pull-up, pulling arms into the sockets activating the lats. Hold this as long as you can. 
4 x 15 ring rows.

The higher the rings the easier these will be. Place your feet under the rings, hands on, then fall back to start position.

If you're feeling strong, elevate the feet.

90 seconds rest before back into the scap pull. Or grab a partner and go You Go I Go.

5 rounds for quality:
30 seconds deadbug/hollow hold.
Choose the hardest variation you can hold with good quality for a full minute. This means lower back flushed to the floor, shoulder blades off the ground. (Easiest: Deadbug - Deadbug with one arm overhead - Deadbug with two arms over head - deadbug with opposite arm and leg extended - hollow : hardest). Put a band attached to the rig under your lumbar to maintain integrity.
15 abmat sit-ups.
30 second arch hold.
30 second side plank each side.

Level up: Side planks feeling too easy? Perform leg abductions with the top leg during the 30 seconds. Alternatively elevate the feet, or just the top foot on a bench, with the lower leg adducting into the bench.

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