Monday 29th April, 2019

Warm Up:

2 rounds:
500m ski.
100 foot high hip bear crawl.
3 wall walk.
Strict HSPU (scale to Pike Push Ups):

4-6 reps, with a 5 second eccentric x 5 sets. 1.5 minute rest between.

If 4-6 reps is too easy for regular strict HSPU at this tempo, use plates for a deficit. For Pike Push Ups, elevate feet a little higher.
Accessory Push:

6 x 4 Arnold Z press, with a 4 count eccentric.
Use as full a range of motion as possible for all reps.


30 Second Wall Facing Handstand Hold.
Push the floor away, squeeze the abs and bum hard. Get Stacked!
90 seconds rest after the superset.

4 rounds for quality:
14 FLR shoulder taps with 2 count pause at the shoulder. Tight, no wiggle!
15 V-ups. Feet and shoulders stay off the floor at extension, in a hollow body.
15 hollow body ring push ups.
10 Reverse hypers with a med ball between the feet. (Think about the leg drive you need to transfer to kipping HSPU.)

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