Monday 1st July, 2019

Warm Up:

2 rounds:
500m ski.
50 foot high hip bear crawl.
5 inchworm.
8 ring rows.

4 mins:
Ascending Ladder.
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, .... Until the next set would cause failure, then work back down. Don't hit failure.
Rest 2 minutes. Repeat.

If you go up and down once in either 5 minute window, rest 10 seconds and start again.
Accessory Push:

4 x 8 Arnold Z press, with a 3 count eccentric.

*Use as full a range of motion as possible for all reps.
45-60 secs Wall Facing Handstand Hold.

Push the floor away, squeeze the abs and bum hard. Get Stacked!

90 seconds rest after the superset.

4 rounds for quality:
12/12 Plank rows. Tight, no wiggle! Like the FLR taps.
20 V-ups. Feet and shoulders stay off the floor at extension, in a hollow body.
12 hollow body ring push ups, feet elevated, 3030 tempo.
10 Medball Reverse hypers with a pause at extension. (Think about the leg drive you need to transfer to kipping HSPU.)
SCALED ATHLETES- Hypertrophic Push/ Pull:

Strict pull-up and Pike pushup. (Use band for pull-up or do jumping pull-ups, and choose a variation of pike push up which Cause you struggle but not to break).
Accessory Push:

5 box dips.
30 second medball overhead hold.
5 box dips.
60 second rest. x 4

5 rounds for quality:
12 single leg V-ups, alternating. Hold on to 2 x 1.25/2.5 kg plates.
6/6 pallov press, 2220 tempo.
6 jack knife on rower, with 3 count lower.

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