Monday 16th September, 2019


For all movements -
1 ) rest as needed to maintain maximum quality of movement.
2) Place your hands the same distance apart for increased transfer. This should be the length from your finger tips to elbow. If on the bar, on the floor, or on the rings (measure up on straps for rings).

3 position ring row: holding the rings with your body at 45 degrees to the floor, Find that tight, tidy globally curved hollow body. Being super strict to maintain this position, put some down pressure on the rings, pause, retract the shoulder blades, pause, row toward your hips. Only advance position if hollow maintained.
5 x 5.

5 sets:
3 Strict pull-up. Pause with the chin over the bar for 10 seconds, lower over 5 seconds. throughout, keep shoulders back and down, elbows in, and hollow body tight.
Weighted if you can.

5 x 1 push up. 30 seconds at the top, in a rock solid FLR, 20 second eccentric keeping a vertical forearm, 10 seconds in the bottom.

5 x 3 handstand push up with 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down.

5 x 3 Ring dip. Pause for 5 seconds at the top and bottom.

If you know you have ankle range limitations:
3 rounds:
30 second banded ankle mobilisation each side.
3 x 10/10 single leg calf eccentrics on a plate.
control it down and drive the knee forward to work ankle range.

If you don't know, assess:
If you feel tension more in the front, the banded mobilisation is more likely to work, if tension is in the calf, the calf eccentrics will be more beneficial.

1 x 21/21 split squat, feet on plates.
2 x 15/15 single leg box step down
2 x 12/12 single leg squat to a box
2 x 9/9 calf assisted pistol
3 x 6/6 shrimp squat.
4 x 3/3 weighted pistol.

4 rounds:
30 second arch hold.
4 V-ups, 8 alternating single leg V ups, 12 tuck ups, 16 abmat sit-ups. M.E. hollow hold.
1 min rest.

Mins 0, 1 and 2: 25 second hollow rock, 5 second off, 25 second arch rock, 5 second off.
Mins 3 & 4: 5 hollow rock to hip extension.
Mins 5-9 (10 sets)): Every minute: 4 straight arm pull up, 4 beat swing, 4 kip with lat pull (achieve weightlessness on bar).
Mins 10-19: 25% + 2 of your max effort set every minute. (10 sets)

Aim for highest quality movement throughout.
Accessory Push:

Earthquake bar press: (kettlebell banded barbell press) - (set the bar up like in the video , ignore the rest)
4 sets of 10, 3210 tempo. 1 min rest.

Ring push-ups:
4 sets of last weeks 50% +1. With a 2200 tempo.
1 min rest between.

16 single leg alternating V-ups.
30 second half Hollow (one leg tucked, one straight) swtiching halfway.
15 single leg pike compression pulse each side.
20 arch rocks.
30 second rest. x 4.

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