Friday 31st May, 2019

Warm Up:

3 rounds:
0.5 Mile E.B.
8 hollow body scap pull-up. 10 tempo (3030) push-ups. 10 toes to kettlebell.
RX ATHLETES- Rig Shapes:

3 rounds:

15 hollow rocks.
15 arch rocks.

3 rounds:

Broken beat swing:
5 reps of hollow to arch on the rig, but pause for a 3 count in each position.
5 Hollow rock to hip extension..
8 V-ups.

3 rounds:

9 compression kips.
Drop down, then:
6 kipping pull-up with a pause with the chin over the bar in hollow body, and distinct push away.
3 chest to bar - focus on tight, tidy movement.
Rest as needed.

Baseline Test:
1 M.E. Unbroken Set chest to bar.
Rest 3 mins.
1 M.E. Unbroken set of TTB.
HSPU- Mastery:

3 sets:

5 reps: tripod with knees on elbows to tripod with back flat legs straight. See @ 1:50

Rest 30 seconds.

3 sets:

5 reps bent knee tripod to frog stand transition. See @ 2:20 in above video.

3 sets:

30 second frog stand.

30-60 second rest.

3 sets:

3 Bent knee Tripod kick out to plank. Encourage legs driving the movement. See from 3:30 in video.

1 M.E. Unbroken set of kipping HSPU.

4 rounds for quality:

8 hanging knee raise, with 3 count pause above parallel and 3 count eccentric.
10/10 Russian twist.
10/10 seconds single leg L-hang.
10/10 single arm Russian KB swing.

Tabata Hollow and Arch rocks.
20 second hollow rock, 10 sec rest, 20 second arch rocks, 10 sec rest, x 4. If you can’t rock, go in and out of as best a hollow/arch as you can express for the window.

3 rounds:
4 single leg compression pulses, alternating. Count to 3 for a hold at the height of each rep.
5 curl ups, with 5 count at the top.
30 second tabletop.
Hang and Push Holds:

Every minute for 10 minutes, alternate between:
A) 15-30 second False grip Chest to ring support hold.
Harder -
Easier 1 -
Pick one throughout.
B) 15- 30 second Hand stand hold.

Rest 2 mins.

Every minute for 10 minutes, alternate between:
A) 15-30 second supinated core hang:
Easiest: knees tucked. Next: one leg straight. Hardest: both legs straight, L Sit.
B) 10-30 second Ring dip bottom support.
Easiest: in push up. Next: in dip with feet on floor in front. Next: full but with a band between the rings to help with shakes. Hardest: as shown.

3 rounds:
10 seated TTB.
10 lemon squeeze.
10 hollow body flutter kicks each side.

1 min rest.

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