Friday 27th September, 2019

RX ATHLETES- Rig Mastery:

Rest as needed to maintain quality throughout.
2 sets:
10 hollow rock, 10 arch rock, 5-8 scap pull-ups, 10 TIGHT beat swing, keep big toes together.
3 sets:
5 hollow rock to hip extension.
4 x floor drill.
3 kip with max lat pull, achieving weightlessness.
5 sets:
5 x 1-3 BMU. As tight as possible, catching as high as possible. Arms straight, time the hip extension to seeing your toes. Move round the bar, not through it. This is for virtuosity, volume comes after.

8 unbroken sets:
5 ttb, 3 CTB, 1BMU.
1 min rest. Aim to keep the positions and fluid transition between movements.

Alternating EMOM:
A) max effort feet together burpees,
B) 6 strict pull-up, 8 tricep push up.
Until you hit 100 total Feet together burpees.

4 rounds for quality:
12 strict hanging knee raise, 3030 tempo, as high as possible.
12 toes to kettlebell, hollow at extension.
24 compression pulses.
1 min rest.

Rest as needed to maintain quality throughout.
2 sets:
15 hollow rock, 15 arch rock, 8-10 scap pull-ups.
2 sets:
15 TIGHT beat swing, keep big toes together.
6 kip timing drill with box.
3 sets:
5 kipping quarter pull-up.

5 sets for quality: IF YOU HAVE 5 STRICT PULL-UPS.
5 x 5 reps 2 for one kipping pullup, with pause and slight push away. (2 for one kipping pull up is 2 beat swing 1 pullup)

IF NOT 5 Strict pull-ups.
Do 50% of your max effort set of strict pull-ups, 5 sets. Resting as necessary to perform with maximum virtuosity (elbows in, hollow body tight)

5 unbroken sets (only if you have 5 strict pull ups).
1 strict hollow body chest to bar pull up (or your best attempt
2 strict hollow body pull-up
3 kipping pull up,
4 kipping toes to bar,
3 strict knee to elbow
2 pull over
1 strict muscle up eccentric as slow as possible.

IF you have no strict pull up and no strict TTB:
Perform 5 sets, unbroken:
15 second chin over bar hold.
15 second eccentric
10 single leg straight leg raise as high as possible,
20 second knee above hip crease hold.

Rest as needed for maximum quality.

2:30 on, 1:30 off x 4:
400m run, M.E. Single arm alternating burpees.

Single leg V-ups
Single leg compression pulses each side
Double duration deadbug.

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