Friday 17th May, 2019

Warm Up:

3 rounds:
0.5 Mile E.B.
5 hollow body scap pull-up. 8 tempo (3030) push-ups. 10 toes to kettlebell.
Rig Shapes Essentials:

4 rounds:

20 hollow rocks.
20 arch rocks.

4 rounds:

3 x 2 beat swing + 2 broken beat swing + 2 beat swing with max height in the back swing, getting high with straight arm lat push down. ( 2+2+2 is a set, come down between sets, 3 sets per round)
6 Hollow rock to hip extension.

3 rounds:

10 compression kips.
Drop down, then:
8 kipping pull-up with a pause with the chin over the bar in hollow body, and distinct push away.
6 chest to bar - focus on tight, tidy movement.
Rest as needed.

EMOM16, alternating each minute:
A) 35% of M.E. set of Pull-ups.
B) 35% of M.E. set of TTB.
Rig Shapes Essentials (SCALED):

4 rounds:

12 hollow rocks.
12 arch rocks.
8/8 single leg compression pulses.

3 rounds:

2 x (2 beat swing + 1 broken beat swing (hollow to arch on the rig, but pause for a 3 count in each position) + 2 beat swing.)
6 Deadbug to hip extension.
10 Tuck - ups, OR V-ups if you can achieve these. For either, the body starts and ends in as best a hollow body as you can express.

4 rounds:

5-6 compression kips.
Drop down, then:
3-4 kipping pull-up with a pause with the chin over the bar, and distinct push away. If you don't have a strict pull-up, then Do jumping pull-ups and a controlled eccentric here.
Rest as needed.

Practice, FOR QUALITY:
A) 25% + 1 M.E. set of ring rows OR kipping pull-ups.
B) 25% + 1 M.E. set of knee raise OR kipping TTB.
HSPU Mastery- Basics:

If you are not sure how to forward roll out of a handstand safely, visit
and then: 3-5 sets:
3 forward roll. from the wall first, then progress the kick up with each attempt until you can do full handstand, with a pause into the roll.

10 sets:

1 + 1 reps: tripod with knees on elbows to tripod with back flat legs straight + Free standing HSPU (Attempt, have a matt as back up, know how to roll).

Rest 15 - 30 seconds.

2 sets:

M.E. second frog stands, trying to achieve the same duration as last time in fewer sets.

60 second rest.

3 sets:

5 Bent knee Tripod kick out to plank. Encourage legs driving the movement. Build up in height gradually as you kick the feet up a wall. See from 3:30 in video.

EMOM10: 25% of M.E. set of HSPU + 1.
__________________________________________________________________________HSPU- Road to Kipping:

3 sets:

3 reps: tripod with knees on elbows to tripod with back flat and legs straight, 5 seconds on the lowering phase.
See @ 1:50 -

Rest 45 seconds.

5 sets:

3 reps Tripod to frog stand transition, hold the frog stand for 10 seconds. See @ 2:20 in above video.

2 sets:

M.E second frog stand.

60 second rest.

4 sets:

Starting on the floor and working higher up the wall across the 4 sets.
7 tripod kips. 30 second rest.
See at 3:40 in the first video.

4 rounds for quality:

10-12 hanging knee raise, with 3 count pause above parallel and 3 count eccentric.
15/15 Russian twist.
20 KB swing, HEAVY, both arms, russian or american, the focus is on hip extension.

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