Wednesday 25th September, 2019



Based from week ones mile pace.

Run 5km
km 1- 1 mile pace
km 2- Recovery pace
km 3- 1 mile pace
km 4- Recovery pace.
km 5- 1 mile pace - 10sec (fast)

Gymnastics Handstand Development:

A-Find a good pike position on a box, where the hips are stacked on the shoulders, on the wrists.
In this position, lift one leg up off the box, with the toe pointed, until the leg joins into the stacked position. So now you have one leg stacked, ankle - knee - hip - shoulders - wrists. And one supporting on the box.
Lift in and out of this for 4 sets of 8 reps each leg, pausing at the top.

B- 2 sets of 30 second FLR, really leaning forward to warm up the wrists.
C- 4 max effort sets of frog stand hold.
D- 5 sets of wall walk, into max effort or 25 foot handstand walk away from the wall.
Oly- Clean Focus:

(keep this light and focus on form/ speed)
10 cleans, 40% w/ 3 sec pause in catch
8 cleans, 50% w/ 3 sec pause in catch
6 cleans, 60% w/ 3 sec pause in catch

A- Establish a heavy single squat clean in the format of:
2:00 window, 20sec to make a lift x 6 rounds.
B- 3 x 1 . 1 . 1 squat clean, 85% above.
C- 3 x 3 clean pulls w/ 3 sec negative.
D- 3 x 1 Front squat, 90%

OHS, 55
15 Burpee box overs between each set.

Be tactical on this, know you, can you hold onto the OHS, or do you have to break periodically? Use a fast pace on the BBJO.

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