Tuesday December 17, 2019

A) Barbell Aerobics 
For Quality:
Complete 5mins of Barbell Aerobics:
3 jefferson curls
3 position clean pull
3 front squats w/ full grip.
3 jerk balance
3 power clean + jerk
3 squat clean + jerk

B) Clean and Jerk
Quality Focus AMRAP.
Work through 30mins of:
1 power clean
1 squat clean
1 split jerk.
Every successful 2 sets, add between 2-5kg.

Establish a technical max for the complex- accumulate as many quality reps as possible.

Any forward steps, any not hitting depth or any sloppy lock outs are NO REPS.

C) Barbell Superset
3 rounds:
4 dead stop front squats, as heavy as possible.
Rest 0:30
3 floating, low hang clean pulls.
Rest as needed.

D) Battery 
2:30 max effort work, 2:30 complete rest x 4
2 rounds:
2 Rope Climbs
7 Push Jerks, 50
14 Deadlifts, 50
In the remaining time: Max Cal Bike

*We want to see a drop off here, move as fast as possible- make this hurt and earn your rest.
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