Tuesday 6th August, 2019

Hip Development:

A- 3 x 5 straight leg box jump + 1:00 lateral glute stretch.
B- Establish a 8RM rear rack lunge.
C- Establish a max height for the complex:
1 box jump, 1 eccentric loaded box jump, 1 box jump

*eccentric loaded, in dip phase, 5 sec down, 1 sec hold to jump.

D- 'Working'
3 x
8 rear rack lunges, 90%
10 banded goodmornings
3 x 25ft shuttle sprints.
Rest as needed.
Gymnastics Development:

A- 3 x 5 Hollow position Scap Pull Ups
B- 3 x 5 beat swing
C- 2 x Max effort Kipping Pull Ups
D- 5 x 2 strict pull ups
Gym Work Under Fatigue:

CAP at 10:00
800m row
66 KB Push Press
100t HSW.

*must be in 25ft sections.

AMRAP 5 (70% PACE)
25ft double plate pich walk
6 strict toes to bar
25ft double plate pich walk
12 hollow rocks

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