Saturday December 14, 2019

A) Deadlift
5 x 4, 80%+ of your 2RM
Rest as needed.

B) Banded Lunges
3 x 12, banded Lunge.
Rest as needed.

Bulgarian Method
A) In 8mins
Establish a heavy single hang power snatch for the day.

B) Support for 'Fitness;
Every 2:00 x 8 (4 each)
1- 5 Front squats, 75%
2- 1:00 (of the 2:00) max bar muscle ups
Warrior BenchMark Wod
For time:
100 DU
75 Power snatch, 25kg
50 Burpees OTB
25 Deadlifts, 85kg

Note: This workout appears on all Fitness Programs as a means of playing sport. 
It is a lesson to know more about yourself.
Review, asking what could be done better.

Band Work:
Not for time:

200 banded body rows

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