Saturday 17th August, 2019


5 x 5 HSPU
*with a 3sec negative, and kip up.
3 x 5 / 5 half kneeling landmine press.
3 x 6 / 6 off set push ups
*one hand on the floor, one on DB.

A- 'Max'
Barbell starting at 70%:
EMOM: 1 snatch.
Add 5kg until failure.
As soon you do fail, rest 2:00 and repeat from this last bar in the same format with clean and jerks.

B- 'an-aero'
For Time:
6min window
1km row
Max devils press in the remaining time, 2 x 15

C- 'Gym Max'
Max points in 3:00.
7 points for a bar muscle up
5 points for a C2B
3 Point for a pull up
1 Point for a band assisted pull up.

D- 'core'
For time/ quality:
25 strict HSPU

*if HSPU go below sets of 2-3 go to kipping.

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