Monday 5th August, 2019


Spend 5:00 practicing:
L-Sit to ball up position.

*This is the transition from a ring Lsit hold, to a ball up, and to progress this to an invert (HS) on the rings.

*The focus of this session is just for movement and regulating HR (using a monitor if possible), moving consistently over the course of this session. We are progressively adding in 'Open pairings' and 'Open Movements' over the course of these weeks

10 rounds:
35 DU
9 Thrusters, 2 x 15

Gym Skill:

*We will use this as a warm up through this cycle, through movement and developing your HSPU Range.

1- 3 Russian Dips
2- 30sec Wall facing Shoulder taps
3- 5-8 Pike Push Ups, feet on box, hands on DBs.

Strict HSPU
5 x 5, add range if possible.
Oly Snatch Focus:

(keep this light and focus on form/ speed)
A- 3 rounds:
3 snatch pulls, 3 muscle snatch, 3 snatch balance.

A- 4 x 2 snatch balance, no heave.
B- 6 x 1 squat snatch, 90-95%
C- 3 x 1, three position power snatch (high, knee, floor)
D- 5 x 1 Back Squat, 92% / Rest as needed.

Over the course of this cycle we are focussing on max effort sprints, with recovery. We do expect to see a drop off between rounds- just aim to go 100% each interval.

3 rounds, at max effort pace:
10 DB push Press, 2 x 22
1 legless rope climb
90sec max effort bike
Rest 2:00

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