Friday 2nd August, 2019


Gymnastics :

Establish a max deficit strict HSPU
Accumulate 2:00 Free standing HS (or practice for 5:00)
Establish a max deficit kipping HSPU
Accumulate 250ft HSW. (or 5:00 practice)

To be completed at 70% intensity.

50cal bike
50ft S/A Lunge, 15
5 strict HSPU
35cal bike
50ft S/A Lunge, 15
7 strict HSPU
20cal bike
50ft S/A Lunge, 15
9 strict HSPU

Strength Development:

3 x
8 banded goodmornings
3 straight leg box jumps
Rest as needed.

4 x 4 Deadlift, as heavy as possible.
*This is an oppertunity to push for 77-85% for each single. Do not establish a new PR, even if each rep feels easy, this will come over time. Cap this at a max of 87%.
Drop set Back Squats:
A- Establish a 20RM Back squat, aim for 65-70%%
B- 20 Back Squats, (A - 10kg)
C- 20 Back Sqauts (B- 10kg)
Rest as needed to complete this unbroken.
Sport Intervals:

4 Rounds of:
2:00 On 1:00 Off
10 Burpees over The Bar
2 Rope Climbs
10 Hang Power Cleans, 40

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