Wednesday 31st July, 2019


'Skill Work'

3 Rounds
25 GHD Sit-ups
400m Run
50ft Handstand Walk
Planche Progression:

PLANCHE LEAN (Elevate feet to approx 10")
4 x 20s

PLANCHE LEAN WITH BENT KNEES (Elevate feet to approx 10") SEE 3:00 On Video
4 x 20s

KB Front Rack Walking Lunge:

3 x 10reps (5 Each leg)
2:00 Rest

Build through sets
Pendlay Row:

3 x 5reps
2:00 Rest

Build through sets

3 Sets
12 Seated Arnold Press
12 Push-ups on DB's
60Seconds rest

The final set of push-ups to be a Max Effort Unbroken set.
Condition and Carry:

30/25 Cal Row
50ft Sandbag DRAG ALONG FLOOR!

Rest 3:00 x 2 Rounds

The loading should be the same as a person
that you are having to drag...
If you do not have a sandbag be creative to acheive deadweight!!! A BODYBAG WILL DO!!!

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