Tuesday December 03, 2019

A) Barbell Aerobics
 For Quality:
Complete 5mins of Barbell Aerobics:
-5 x RDL
-3 x 3 position clean pull (pause 1s in each position- shin, knee and hip)
-3 x tall cleans (power)
-3 x hang cleans (deep power)
-3 Power cleans.
Cycle through for your 5mins.

B) Power Cleans
Complete 3 sets of: 1-1-1 power clean.

Every successful round, add between 2.5-5kg.

With the focus on quality.

Barbell starting at 30%

C) Barbell Focused Superset
3 rounds:
2 heavy clean pulls
Rest 0:30
12 max height jumping, banded lunges.
Rest as needed.

D) Battery 
1:30 on, 1:00 off x 6
6 DB Thrusters, 2 x 15
6 Toes to Bar
Max Cal assault bike
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