Tuesday 30th July, 2019


3 Sets:
10/10 Terminal Knee Extensions
6/6 Single Leg Medball Woodchop

No rest between sets

Max Unbroken Touch and Go Reps @ 75%

Then 4 Rounds
50% No of reps above (T&G)
ME unbroken Bar Muscle-ups

Rest 2:00 between Rounds
Overhead Squat:

4 Reps
2 High Box Jumps

2:00 Rest between sets

3 Sets
8 RDLs (Barbell)
25f Bear Crawl Forwards
25ft Bear Crawl BackWards
60s Rest
Midline Workout:

Round Sets:
100m Run Suitcase RUN, 16/12kg LEFT ARM
100m Run Suitcase Carry, 16/12kg RIGHT ARM
21 Russian Swings, 32/24kg

You can Row 1k but ideally RIDE... any bike for approx 4:00 Mins HARD

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