Thursday December 6th, 2018

Week 3 - Disconnect to reconnect with purpose

'We suffer more often in imagination than in reality' -Senca

one of the hardest things Athletes struggle with is the ability to 'switch off'
Rest days are the smart work that compliments your hard work your mind and body benefit from purposeful rest as it restores and refuels so you can continue to train with purpose and progress.
today's mindset challenge is to disconnect from social media WHY whether you believe it or not it is affecting your belief system and either releasing cortisol ( seeing someone lift more than you ) or endorphins free high because your last post got loads of likes.
but the reality is it's uncontrollable so the most effective way to be able to switch off is to literally switch off from social media and engage with a rest day in reality.
if you run a business via social media or need to post then post but the objective is no scrolling and to go dark.
suggestions- meet up with old friends
get stuff done around the house
go for a walk
check in with family
netflix and chill

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