Saturday January 26th, 2019

Open Replication:

60 Cal Row
50 Box overs
40 DB Snatch@22/15
20 Bar MU

Rest 3:00 and move straight onto (B).
Fatigued Lifts:

6:00 Window:
Establish a 3 rep max:
Thruster (from the ground)*
*First rep can be a squat clean thruster.

You now have 10mins to sit on a rower, bike, ski erg etc and reflect on your above workout. We have the abillity to explore your strategy, weight choices, warm ups etc and learn and develop upon this for next time.

4 sets:
12 Arnold Press
8 Supinated Bent over row
Rest 1:30

3 sets:
20 DB Floor press
10-12 Ring rows@2121
Rest as needed.

The goal is to build joints and range that can support range of movement and load.

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