Monday December 02, 2019

A) Movement 
A - 50m Running Alterating between high knees and ass kicks.
B - 10/10 Terminal Knee Extensions.
C - 25ft Bear Crawls
D - 12 Slow Banded Rows (tie band around rig)

B) Running / Gymnastics
8 Rounds of:
200m Run for time:
Rest 30seconds
50% reps muscle-ups
1:30 Rest

The Muscle-up reps is based on your total round achieved in XX week 1, death by muscle-ups.
If you hit 8 Rounds then it's 4 Muscle-ups

If you missed the death by muscle-ups.
Complete the running and then complete the 'death by' for future use.

A) Backsquats
Build to a heavy set of 2 for the day

B) Backsquats (Working sets)
3 Sets of:
8 Banded Russian Swings, 24/16kg
12 Back Squats

Rest 2:00 Between Sets

C) Superset
3 Sets of:
12 DB reverse Lunges (front racked, 6 each leg)
3 max Distance Broad Jumps, reset for each rep

60s Rest between sets

D) Work
3 Rounds for Time:
30 GHD Sit-ups
25ft Handstand Walk
7 Deadlifts, 140/105kg

NO GHD, Toes to Bar
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