Friday March 1st, 2019

Week 02/04:

40 Mins Assault Bike
Watch Open Announcememt
Watch Once for FUN
Once for Review

Then forget about it.
Open WOD:

19 POINT 2

after open wod

rest 7:00

Then row same length of time as wod.. at recovery pace.. When you get off the rower MOVE ON!!
WP Gymnastics Club:

AMRAP 4:00 For Quality
20 Plank Transitions (Resting on elbows to resting on hands)
20 Hollow Rocks

B - L-Sit Holds on boxes
3 x ME
Rest 1:30 between efforts

C - Russian Dips
6 x 5 reps
After each set complete 10 banded Good Mornings

D - Frog to Handstand
6 x Frog into 15ft handstand walk
If you cannot do this, 6 x 20second Frog Holds

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