Friday February 22nd, 2019

Open Week 01:

AM Session:

40 Mins assualt Bike
Watch Open Announcememt
Watch Once for FUN
Once for Review

Then forget about it.
PM Session:

19 POINT 1

after open wod

Rest 7:00

Then row same length of time as the WOD at recovery pace. When you get off the rower MOVE ON!!
'BB' Club:

A1) DB Bench press x 12, rest 45sr
A2) Chest supported DB Row x 12, rest 45s
A3) Weighted DB Lunge x 12 (12 per leg), rest 2 mins x 3 sets

B1) Seated Sled Pull x 100ft@tough load, rest 45s
B2) DB Z-Press x 10@2121 (2s down, 1 pause, 2s up, 1 pause), rest 45s
B3) Double KB Front squat x 12@2020, rest 2 mins x 3 sets

C) Straight bar "21's", rest 90s x 3 sets

D) Banded tricep Ext x 100 reps - rest as needed to complete.

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