Friday February 8th, 2019


Monostructural Cardio:

Assault bike intervals:
4:00 on, 4:00 off
x 5 rounds.

The aim for this session is to reach an aerobic threshold, meaning we should be able to replicate the total calories, distance or RPM throughout each 4:00 window.

Front Squat:

4 x 1 reps @ 90%
1 x Max unbroken Reps @ 90%

Max 2:00 rest between sets
You should not fail any working sets
Load as prescribed, do not exceed
You should be able to hit this load for around 2-3 reps.
Clean Complex:

Every 4:00 x 4 Sets

1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

15-to-20 Reps Toes to Bar

The goal is to hit a technical max over the sets and straight into the Gymnastics (paired) movement.

15 burpee box overs
12 DB snatch
9 C2B Pull Ups

RPE 9-10 out 10
Challenge yourself to be unbroken for as long as possible.
Step away from the waterbottle and the chalk bucket.
Ask yourself do you need to rest or are you being a pussy.

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