Wednesday April 17th, 2019

Warm Up:

5 mins cardio
Push ups complex
3 reps each position
Hands wide
Hands wide pointing out
Hands wide pointing in
Hands Normal
Hands Normal Pointing out
Hands Normal Pointing in
Hands Narrow
Hands Narrow pointing out
Hands Narrow Pointing in
DB Shoulder complex
10 Alternating press
10 Press out in front
10 Press across body
Push Press:

5 x 5, rest 2 mins
Strict Supinated Pull Ups and Dumbbell Bench Press

4 x 6-8 reps @(2020 tempo) 
4 x 10-12

Rest 2 mins 
Bent Over KB Row

4 x 12 reps@2121, rest 90s

30s Ski
30s rest
30s Wall Balls
30s rest
30s Row
30s rest
30s Burpee box overs
30s rest
x 4

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