Tuesday 20th August, 2019

Warm Up:

Lunge complex
20 reps each position
Hand overhead
Hands alternating sides
Toes in
Toes in reaching for floor

10-10-8-8 Back Squat @32x1, rest 45s
**Goal here is to squat the same weights each week but we increase reps.
8-10 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups, rest 45s
8-10 Front Foot Elevated Split Squat per leg@2020, rest 3 mins. Repeat for 4 sets

6-8 Single Arm DB Press per arm@2121, rest 45s
8-10 Single Leg KB Deadlift per leg, rest 60s x 3 sets

100ft farmers carry@32kg (Switch@50ft)
10 KB Front squats@32
200m Run
10 Strict HSPU

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