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We are killing GOAT’s, not riding rainbows. You are owed nothing. Work f*cking harder.


Warrior Programming exists for athletes who wish to take their training further to help gain skills and push themselves to a place they never thought possible.

We believe that everyone’s potential can be unlocked and made available to them by providing the right stimulus through the different programming styles we have created and used over the years. The programming is broken down and explained to each athlete and varies from generic to individualised.

Existing programs are currently WP Program, Competitor, Undefeated, GoatKiller and Remote Programming.

The WP Program, Competitor and Undefeated are our online based programs whilst the GoatKiller and Remote Programming are followed up with the athlete offline.

The Offline Programs will be done on a case by case assessment to see if you are both suitable and would benefit from what we can offer.

How does it all work? It’s simple, we ascertain your goals and we plan with you on the best way we can achieve them. Then once we have smashed those goals we move onto the next ones.





  • 7-Day Program
  • Tailored for GPP
  • Aimed at Athletes/Competitors
  • Online Program
per month
WP Program
  • 7-Day Program
  • Tailored for the Open
  • Lifting + Metcon
  • High Skill
  • Online Program
per month
  • 7-Day Program
  • 3-4 extra cashouts
  • Periodized Program
  • Access to Private Group
  • Coach Assigned
per month
Remote Programming
  • 7-Day Program
  • Personalised Program
  • Online Feedback
  • Access to Personal Group
  • Coach Assigned
per month